About Wy’East

We take our name from the legendary Native American name for Mt. Hood, a lasting symbol of strength and durability.

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Wy’East Medical Corporation

Wy’East Medical Corporation has been a leader in the safe patient handling and mobility industry for more than 30 years. Wy’East offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products and best-in-class services to hospitals and healthcare facilities, ranging from innovative, user-friendly patient lifts and treatment chairs to friction reducing devices and patient slings.

Since its founding in 1987, Wy’East has housed both its corporate offices and 21st-century manufacturing facilities in Clackamas, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Wy’East Medical gets its name from the Native American name for Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest peak.

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Safety and Security

The primary benefit of Wy’East Medical’s Safe Patient Handling equipment is the reduction of the risk of staff and caregiver back injuries related to moving patients into and out of bed. Other benefits include a decrease in the number of people required to transfer patients. Most medical centers view this as extremely favorable given the reduction of staff across the industry.

Wy’East solutions offer:

  • Compliance—used and reordered the most by staff;
  • Practicality—no batteries, assembly or electricity required;
  • Proven track record—reduces risk of back injuries in patient handling;
  • Bottom line benefits-–fewer lost workdays and injury claims
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Innovation and Foresight

In 1979 Adel Medical, Ltd. was established to manufacture specialty beds used in the labor and delivery departments of hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Following the acquisition of Adel Medical by Stryker Corporation, the management team founded Wy’East Medical to develop and manufacture Safe Patient Handling equipment and transfer systems. Shortly thereafter, Wy’East Medical introduced a patented surface-to-surface patient transfer system on an adjustable height stretcher called the TotaLift Transfer Chair. With the TotaLift, caregivers can literally transfer patients from bed to stretcher without lifting.

Many enhancements later, the TotaLift is now being used across the U.S. and Canada.

Through it all, Wy’East Medical has been at the forefront of the Safe Patient Handling movement, leading the charge on the safe handling of patients coupled with dramatic reduction of injuries to caregivers.