“Thank you for your support of one of the finest burn centers in the country, not just being biased there either, the Institute of Surgical Research / Burn Center is one of the best in the world and does lectures all over the world on our successes and Studies and your chairs are a vital part of our treatment. I don’t hesitate in saying that your product has saved countless lives in what it can do that others cannot.

You may not realize it but it’s ability to get our patients up in a dependent position from the bed while having the ability to attach our ortho slings and equipment really makes a world of difference. Thank you!”



Pink Slip ®

“As a medical director for hospital employee health, I have observed the Pink Slip® transform thinking from the common belief that safe patient mobilization tools were cumbersome, inconvenient to use or stock/restock/launder, took too much time to deploy, or were too costly. The Pink Slip allowed employees to take control of their own risk by pocketing, sharing, and spreading the word about a simple device.

It is remarkably slippery and in training, pulling a large coworker on a drawsheet on top of the Pink Slip makes a lasting impression. The pull/push forces in our evaluations were almost halved and lifting nearly eliminated when transferring a patient. After thousands of uses, I have yet to see a worker injured who has used the Pink Slip.”

P. Mark

MD MPH, Occupational Medicine, Physical Medicine

Pink Slip

“Although we had developed a Safe Patient Handling program and through education and training were able to drop our patient handling injuries dramatically, we were unable to locate a repositioning device our staff were engaged in trying.  Then came the Pink Slip.  Although there was some resistance at first, we continue to see dramatic improvement, not only with the number of injuries, but in the severity of our injuries.  Also, when I am doing my safe patient rounds, the feedback from the staff has been how much they love the product.”



Pink Slip

“They work great. I like how simple they are. We keep them stocked in each room so it makes it really convenient to use. I use one pretty much every time I have to transfer a patient from one bed to another. It cuts down on the amount of staff needed to safely transfer patients. That can save a lot of time. And because it takes less force to move the patient it cuts down on the risk for injury.”



Pink Slip

“I have been a field paramedic for over 30 years and am currently serving as a lead paramedic for Whidbey General Hospital. I am also our EMS Department liaison with the hospital in the capacity of ‘safety captain.’

“I have used this product many times and it is standard equipment on all of our stretchers. It meets our needs in its unique functionality. It is inexpensive, very light and compact as well as strong. For the difficult environment that we work in it does indeed have all ‘the right stuff’. We also appreciate that it is recyclable.”


EMT-P, Lead Paramedic, WGH EMS

Pink Slip

“The Pink Slip has been great!  I used the Pink Slip to transfer a bariatric patient and it worked awesome. The crews have been giving good feedback as well. I was surprised to find a Pink Slip in a Silverton care home and Salem Hospital employees couldn’t say enough good things about it.”


Canby Fire District

Pink Slip

“Since being implemented, the ‘Pink Slip’ has been a big hit with staff members utilizing the device and, most importantly, no injuries have occurred. As awareness grows, more and more Houston Methodist nurses, PCAs and transporters are beginning to Think Pink!”

Think Pink

Methodist Nurse | A Magazine for Nurses August