February 2018  |  Press Release

Denali_COB_MG_6321 2Car extractions can be one of the most difficult situations to address. How do you safely remove a patient from a vehicle or place a patient into a vehicle while ensuring both patient and caregiver safety? After months of focused research and development, we have designed the solution: introducing, the DENALI 600. The DENALI 600 is a fully-powered mobile lift with a 600-pound weight capacity. Why fully powered? Using a manual push/pull lift on outdoor surfaces can significantly increase ergonomic patient handling injury risk. Surfaces, such as, concrete and asphalt (with cracks, divots, sloping and other obstacles) are more difficult to maneuver with a manual lift. The only solution to reducing this risk of push/pull injuries is with a power-driven mobile lift.

Car ExtractionAnother unique feature of the DENALI 600 is its strap feature. A fixed boom is cumbersome and very difficult to use during a car extraction. The separate moving mast and strap feature on the DENALI 600 allows you to adjust the mast to varying positions in order to accommodate varying vehicle heights. The sling bar’s strap can then lower the sling bar independently into the car, allowing for ease of application of the sling. In addition, we designed a specialty sling to accompany the DENALI 600 to assist with car  extractions named the SAFE PATIENT LIFTING (SPL) SLING. The SPL SLING is manufactured using a friction-reducing material that is both wipe-able and lowfriction. The SPL SLING can be easily placed behind a patient seated in a vehicle. The sling may be wiped clean between patients or laundered in its mesh wash bag to ensure the sling is returned to the DENALI 600 for future use. This new model will be available for trials this spring.

Specialty Sling
Look for the DENALI 600 at the National SPHM Conference in Orlando April 2018