Sling Bar

Sling Bar

Chose between a standard 24" sling bar and a 15" sling bar option for the Denali.

O2 Tank and IV Pole Holster

Compatible with the Vista, Summit and Whitney Walker.

Leg Straps

Keep your patient secure with these optional leg straps. For the Summit lift.

Patient Scale

An optional attachment for the Aerial or Denali lifts.


Acrylic Dispenser

A wall mountable option accommodating 10 individual Pink Slips, encouraging compliance in every room.


Docking Station

A holster for one individual Pink Slip and mounts anywhere for convenience.


Pink Head Rest

Match your mattress with the optional pink head rests that adjust to patient height and attaches to the TotaLift and TC-300 back rest.

Blue Head Rest

Match your mattress with the optional blue head rest that adjust to patient height and attaches to the TotaLift and TC-300 back rest.


Upper Side Rails

Adding patient comfort and security, the optional TotaLift and TC-300 upper side rails swing down and tuck away when not needed.


Comfort Mattress

The durable Sure-Chek Comfort™ cover is designed for both comfort and support, a replacement for the TotaLift and optional with the TC-300.


Pressure Management Mattress

Lowering interface pressures and protection from skin shear, the Recovery5™ cover fabric stretches to conform to the shape of the patient for added comfort. A replacement for the TC-300, and optional for the TotaLift.


Patient Tray

Optionally mounts quickly and conveniently to the TotaLift and TC-300.


IV Pole

Replacement pole for the TotaLift and TC-300.


Padded Cradle Arm Supports

Attach to the side rails for extra comfort as an option for the TotaLift and TC-300.


Stirrup / Leg Drop Assembly

A TC-300 option that adjusts for both length and width.


Split Mattress

TC-300 option for use with the stirrup / leg drop assembly.

Replacement Parts

Summit Bar Pad

Included with the Summit, this is a replacement pad.

Small Sling Bar Pad

Included with the 15″ sling bar option. This is a replacement pad.


Safety Straps

Included with the TotaLift and TC-300, these replacement straps are packaged in sets of one and two.

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