Power-Driven Mobile Lift

The Denali is a power-driven mobile dependent patient lift designed with the functionality of a ceiling lift. The ergonomic design of this device eliminates push/pull forces, reducing the risk of injury to caregivers. This unique lift is especially useful when mobilizing patients of size – with a weight capacity of 600 lbs/272 kg. The height adjustable mast and sling bar operate independently allowing for easier vehicle extractions and floor recoveries.

  • Multi-Use Patient Lift: Ambulating patients for early mobility campaigns, fall recovery, car extractions in the emergency department, and a ceiling lift alternative.
  • Lifting Redesigned: Both lift arm and sling bar raise and lower independently of each other.
  • Intuitive driving and maneuvering: Powered wheels rotate for movement forward, backwards, side-to-side, and turning within it’s own radius.
  • Accident prevention: The lift stops immediately when the joystick is released, and the EMB(Electro Mechanical Brake) activates the rear wheels when on an incline.
  • Reliable: Rechargeable and environmentally-friendly LiFePO4 batteries delivering full power during the entire battery lifetime (2000 chargings/5 years of usage).

Denali 600 Specifications

Maximum Load: 600 lbs. (272 kg.)
Total Weight: 220 lbs. (99.8 kg.)
Battery: 15 Ah LiFePO
Number of Lifts per Charge: 200
Charge Time: Quick 2 hr / Full 10 hr
Unloaded Lifting Speed: 1.75 in/sec (4.4 cm/sec)
Leg Under Bed / Stretcher Clearance: 4.6″ (11.7 cm.) or 3.4″ (8.6 cm.)
Small or Standard Sling Bar Options: 15″ (38.1 cm.) or 24″ (61 cm.)
Turning Diameter: 53″ (134.6 cm.)
Driving Speed: 1.4 mph

How It Works

MultiLift Remote

Joystick & Pendant
The Denali 600 comes with a wired driving joystick and boom arm pendant.


O2 Tank & IV Holder
Versatile lift for ambulating patients, substitute for ceiling lift, and car extractions for the ER

MultiLift Rotates

Tight spaces? No problem, the rear powered wheels rotate for an easy patient transfer. This lift will turn on a dime.

Optional Accessories

Disposable Bucket Slings

Disposable High-Back Slings

Composed of breathable material, this one-size-fits-all sling, can be used with the Denali and Aerial lift.

SPL Slings

A wipeable high-back sling excellent for car extractions, compatible with the Denali.

Reusable Bucket Slings

Reusable High-Back Slings

Compatible with the Denali and Aerial lift. Available in four sizes.

Sling Bar

Sling Bar

Chose between a standard 24" sling bar and a 15" sling bar option for the Denali.

Sling Information

Important Notice

The patient to be transferred must be assessed by a qualified professional before attempting to lift and transfer.

Before using the sling, familiarize yourself with the proper method of sling attachment and lift operation. You can find this information in the operator’s manual provided with your lift system.

Inspect the sling carefully before each use. If fraying, seam separation, or other damage is visible or suspected, dispose of it immediately and replace it with a new sling.

Finally, never exceed the weight limitations of your lift or sling, as serious harm to the patient or caregiver may result.

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