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Power Drive Mobile Lift:
The Denali

The Denali is a power drive mobile patient lift designed with the functionality of a ceiling lift. The ergonomic design of this device eliminates push/pull forces, reducing the risk of injury to caregivers. This unique lift is especially useful when mobilizing patients of size – with a weight capacity of 600 lbs / 272 kg. The height-adjustable boom and sling bar operate independently allowing for easier vehicle extractions and floor recoveries.

Key Features

Power-Drive Eliminates Push/Pull

Independently Operating Boom & Sling Bar

Oxygen Tank Holder/IV Pole*

Patient Scale*

Safe Patient Lifting Sling*

Disposable Slings*

Washable Slings*

(Select to Preview Photos of Optional Features*)

2 Models


MultiLift Remote

Vehicle Extraction

4″ Casters: Sidewalks & Pavement
15″ Sling Bar: Vehicle Doors


Inpatient Use

3″ Casters
24″ Sling Bar


Maximum Load: 600 lbs / 272 kg
Door Clearance: 28″
Under Bed Clearance: 4.6″ or 3.4″
Turning Diameter: 53″

Product Numbers

Choose Model Numbers:
A) Denali with 4″ Casters: #52400
with 15″ Sling Bar: #52419 OR
B) Denali with 3″ Casters: #52300
with 24″ Sling Bar: #52420
Oxygen Tank Holder/IV Pole: #52384DA
Patient Scale: 52440
Replacement Parts:
Battery: #2503-007-E1D
Charger: #2505-876-DA

The Denali Power Drive Mobile Patient Lift is truly one-of-a-kind. First, it is the only mobile lift that can be power-driven AND has a boom and sling bar that operates independently. Why is this important? Hospitals experience challenges getting patients out of vehicles. Most patient lifts’ boom and sling bar operate in tandem, making it difficult to get into an enclosed space like a car door. Additionally, caregivers put themselves at risk pushing and pulling a patient lift on outdoor surfaces. The combination of these features makes the Denali the perfect solution for vehicle extractions. Its recommended 4″ casters for outdoor applications provide stability when moving on uneven or rough surfaces. An optional 15″ sling bar makes entering and exiting vehicle doors hassle-free.

The Denali can be considered a “Mobile Ceiling LIft”. Don’t have the infrastructure or funds for ceiling lifts? The Denali Power Drive Patient Lift is the answer. While mobile lifts assist with raising and lowering patients, they do not remedy push-pull factors. Furthermore, it turns on a dime and operates efficiently in tight spaces. Fall recovery in a bathroom or in the hall, where the ceiling lift is not located? No problem, the Denali can do it!

The Denali Power Drive Patient Lift is the mobile patient lift of the future. It remedies many loopholes the traditional lift has overlooked. The increasing bariatric population has highlighted the need for more advanced ergonomic solutions. The Denali is the integral addition to Safe Patient Handling & Mobility programs today. 

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