pink slip

Disposable Slip Tube:

The PINK SLIP is a single patient use slip tube that can be used multiple times with the same patient. A very versatile, highly affordable device for Safe Patient Handling, the PINK SLIP slip tube brings ease and comfort to patient transfer and repositioning. The PINK SLIP glides on itself, reducing skin shear and making lateral transfer and repositioning easier for patients and caregivers alike.

Key Features

Single Patient Use

Slippery, High-Density Polymer

Class 2 Recyclable

QR Tutorial Access

Single Packaged or Tear-Off Rolls

3 Dispenser Types

Product Numbers

PINK SLIP Case (Qty 100): #633011A
w/ Storage Pouch: #633114A
PINK SLIP Sleeve (Qty 10): #633010A
w/ Storage Pouch: #633115A
Acrylic Wall Dispenser: #633026A
• Holds 10 PINK SLIP tubes
Notch Hanger/Clip: #633057
• Holds 1 PINK SLIP
PINK SLIP Roll Case (Qty 100): #633130A
Roll Wall Dispenser: #633135A
• Holds 1 Roll of 25

4 Ways to Make it Accessible

In Your Pocket

1 – In Your Pocket

Need to reposition your patient now?
• No searching or retrieving a device

Acrylic Dispenser

2 – Acrylic Dispenser

• Hang Throughout Unit Hallways
• Store on/in Nurses Station


3 – Clips

Adheres to Wall or Stretcher
Refill During Room
Turn-Over • Re-Stocking

Roll Dispenser

 4 – Roll Dispenser

Quick, Tear-Off Access
• Imaging • Emergency
• Outpatient  • Transport

Weight Limit: Please note, friction-reducing devices are not lifting devices. They do not require a weight limit. You may refer to the Force to Initiate Movement & Compression Force Studies for guidance when using the PINK SLIP. FORCE TO INITIATE MOVEMENT  • COMPRESSION FORCE


The PINK SLIP is specially formulated with a high density polymer which makes it extremely slick and strong. The standard pocket-sized packaging improves compliance, making it easily accessible. Just keep a spare one in your pocket and you never have to leave the patient or search for a device again. The alternative roll-dispenser gives quick tear-off access optimized for use in emergency, imaging, transport and outpatient scenarios.

The PINK SLIP is single-patient-use eliminating cross-contamination. Additionally, it can be used multiple times for many patient handling tasks including boosting/repositioning, transferring, pivoting, turning, proning and more. This makes for a very versatile tool in the hands of a caregiver.

Lastly, training and education resources can be quickly accessed by scanning the QR code printed on the PINK SLIP. Tip sheets, videos, and user manuals can all be viewed on a smartphone using any free QR code reader app.

Videos and Literature

Red button medium HoverVideo Tutorials
Instruction GuidePDF
Tech Data SheetPDF
Acrylic Dispenser SpecsPDF
Roll Dispenser SpecsPDF