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Powered Sit-to-Stand:
The Summit

The Summit is a Powered Sit-to-Stand that enables caregivers to assist users who are partially weight-bearing transfer between a bed, chair, or commode. A standing belt fits around the patient and its actuator lifts and lowers the patient. Powered Sit-to-Stands may sometimes be referred to as a “Stand Aid” or a “Stand Assist”. The Summit is an excellent tool to mitigate caregiver risk of injury when practicing Safe Patient Handling and Early Mobility.

2 Devices-in-1


BMAT 2 Seated Transfers: Use Footplate

Seated Transfers: Use Footplate

BMAT 3 Ambulating: Remove Footplate

Ambulating: Remove Footplate


Maximum Load: 500 lbs / 227 kg
Door Clearance: 23.8″
Under Bed Clearance: 3.4
Turning Diameter: 46.1″

Product Numbers

Summit Device: #51750
Oxygen Tank/IV Pole Holder: #52063
IV Pole: #520841A
Handlebar Pad: #52062
Calf/Leg Strap: #51978
Handset: #51661
Lithium-Ion Battery: #52431
Battery Charger: #51960

Why the Summit

The Summit features an actuator that assists in standing the patient when properly connected to a loop-style standing sling. For example, if the user needs moderate assistance to initiate standing, the caregiver can activate it by pressing the raise button on the control pendant. Additionally, the padded telescoping handlebar on the Summit can be positioned at a range of breadths. As a result, it allows for easier sling application and can accommodate a wider range of patient sizes.

The Summit is a versatile device that has a removable footplate for patient ambulation. There is also a convenient oxygen tank holder and IV pole attachment option available. As a result, no more having to follow behind a patient with an IV pole, or oxygen tank, requiring additional caregivers.

Need to get around a commode, toilet, or chair? No problem – the Summit has an expandable base. Simply push and hold the close or open button on the control pendant for closer access to the patient.

Lastly, training and education resources can be quickly accessed by scanning the QR code printed on the Summit. Tip sheets, videos, and user manuals can all be viewed on a smartphone using any free QR code reader app.

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