Pink Slip Training

Learn How to Use the Pink Slip

It’s simple. Follow these quick steps:

  • Watch the training video series below. 12 short videos totaling about 8 minutes in length. Covers lateral transfers, repositioning, and several other uses.
  • Enter Your Information in the form at right allowing your organization to track your training. A confirmation email will be sent to you for your records.

Pink Slip Training Verification Form

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About Wy’East Medical

A privately-held company, Wy’East Medical is a leader in SPHM products for healthcare ergonomics and has been offering state-of-the-art Safe Patient Handling equipment to hospitals and healthcare facilities since 1989.

Wy’East houses both its corporate offices and 21st century manufacturing facilities in Clackamas, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, with full access to shipping providers for both national and international destinations.

Safe Patient Handling equipment from Wy’East Medical are used in one out of three healthcare facilities in the United States.

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