Rental Program

Now more than ever, Wy’East’s lifts and patient transfer systems complement Safe Patient Handling programs but, in recent years, funds for such equipment can be hard to find. Early on, Wy’East recognized in the changing healthcare environment the need for programs that would allow medical centers the ability to procure necessary equipment when funds for capital expenditures are simply not available. That’s why Wy’East designed and offered its innovative rental program. Created to support medium to long-term rental scenarios, the Wy’East program offers the following benefits:

  • Get what you need, when you need it: The rental program allows medical centers to procure needed equipment even when cash for capital expenditure is tight.
  • Leverage your precious dollars: With a rental, you’ll avoid hefty up-front charges. The flexibility of making rental payments allows your organization to better manage cash flow.
  • Protect your balance sheet: An equipment purchase is recorded on your balance sheet, which increases your debt and reduces your available cash. Conversely, most rentals are not recorded as debt and are treated instead as an operating expense.
  • Gain the tax benefits of renting: A rental may allow you to deduct your payments as operating expenses during the period in which you pay them. If you purchase equipment, you may be able to deduct the interest, as well as the cost of the depreciation.

At Wy’East, we know that every medical center is different. We are happy to work with you to find an arrangement that works for you and your facility. Please call today to find out if our rental program is right for you.