Safety Platform Walker:

The WHITNEY is a safety platform walker enhanced with a unique power-rise function to support Early Mobility initiatives. The IV pole, Oxygen tank holder, and accessories basket are available to assist caregivers with safer, more efficient gait activities. The WHITNEY Walking Belt’s extra level of support aids with fall prevention and reinforces patient confidence. WHITNEY is easily operated via an intuitive wired remote control system.

2 Devices-in-1

BMAT 2 Transfers: Use Footplate
Transfers: Use Footplate
BMAT 3 Ambulating: Remove Footplate
Ambulating: Remove Footplate


Maximum Load on the frame: 330 lbs / 149 kg
Door Clearance: 25.9″
Under Bed Clearance: 4.99″ or 5.66
Product Height: 37.4″ – 53.1″

Product Numbers

WHITNEY Device: #52500
35” – 43” Small Walking Belt: #52530
41” – 47” Medium Walking Belt: #52501
44” – 56” Large Walking Belt: #52502
50” – 63” XL Walking Belt: #52529
A) Strap Oxygen Tank Holder: #52514
B) Metal Oxygen Tank Holder: #52063
Gait Training System: #56-388-KIT
Removable Footplate: #52511
Low Leg Option: #52500-LL
Accessories Basket: #52515
IV Pole: #52513


The WHITNEY walker spotlights a power-rise function, donning an actuator that assists with raising and lowering the patient for weight-bearing or walking activities.  The WHITNEY Walking Belt accessory can be applied for additional safety, support, and patient confidence. The Walking Belt features a convenient hygiene strap that can be unbuckled from the belt when toileting. The WHITNEY armrests and ergonomic handles are also independently adjustable. As a result, it can accommodate a wide range of patient sizes.

The WHITNEY is a versatile device that has a removable footplate option for patient transfers. There is also a convenient oxygen tank holder and IV pole attachment option available. As a result, no more having to follow behind a patient with an IV pole, or oxygen tank, requiring additional caregivers.

Need to get around a commode, toilet, or chair? No problem – the WHITNEY has an expandable base. Simply push and hold the close or open button on the control pendant for closer access to the patient.

Lastly, training and education resources can be quickly accessed by scanning the QR code printed on the WHITNEY. Tip sheets, videos, and user manuals can all be viewed on a smartphone using any free QR code reader app.

Videos and Literature

Red button medium HoverWHITNEY Video Tutorials
WHITNEY Tech Data SheetPDF
WHITNEY Operating
Instructions for Use
WHITNEY Belt Cleaning InstructionsPDF
O2 Tank Holder OptionsPDF

Sling Information

Sling BasicsPDF
Sit to Stand SlingsPDF