Elite Slip Tube

Pink Slip Elite

The Pink Slip Elite is a single-patient slip tube that can be used multiple times with the same patient. A very versatile device for Safe Patient Handling that brings ease and comfort to patient transfer and repositioning. The Pink Slip Elite glides on itself, reducing skin shear and making lateral transfer and repositioning easier for patients and caregivers alike.

Key Features

Full-Body Coverage





Product Numbers

Pink Slip Elite Pack (Qty 25): #631016
Pink Slip Elite Case (Qty 100): #631018
Acrylic Wall Dispenser: #633026A

Multiple Uses

Seated Pivoting

Seated Pivoting

In-Bed Exercises

In-Bed Exercises

Bed Transfers

Bed Transfers


Dimensions: 45″ x 38″

Weight Limit: Please note, friction-reducing devices are not lifting devices. They do not require a weight limit. You may refer to the Force to Initiate Movement & Compression Force Studies for guidance when using the Pink Slip Elite. COMPRESSION FORCE

Why the Pink Slip Elite

The Pink Slip Elite is specially made with durable, woven nylon making it extremely slick and strong. It is single-patient-use, eliminating cross-contamination between patients or being lost in the laundry.

Additionally, it can be used multiple times with the same patient for a variety of tasks including boosting/repositioning, transferring, pivoting, turning, proning, and more. This makes for a very versatile tool in the hands of a caregiver.


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Pink Slip Elite
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