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Reusable Slip Tube

The Reusable Slip Tube is a multi-patient slip tube that can be used multiple times with the same patient. A very versatile device for Safe Patient Handling that brings ease and comfort to patient transfer and repositioning. The Reusable Slip Tube glides on itself, reducing skin shear and making lateral transfer and repositioning easier for patients and caregivers alike.

Key Features




Product Numbers

Reusable Slip Tube (Qty 1): #631001
Reusable Slip Tube Pack (Qty 10): #631004A
Acrylic Wall Dispenser: #631030A

Multiple Uses



Assist your patient in getting them out of bed



Safely reposition your patient as needed



Use the Reusable Slip Tube to get your patient in and out of bed


Dimensions: 33″ x 39″ (84 cm. x 99 cm.)

Weight Limit: Please note, friction-reducing devices are not lifting devices. They do not require a weight limit. You may refer to the Force to Initiate Movement & Compression Force Studies for guidance when using the Reusable Slip Tube.COMPRESSION FORCE

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