Treatment Chair:
The TC-300

The TC-300 is an all-purpose treatment chair that easily converts into a stretcher and adapts instantly for patient examination, treatment, and transport. Designed for maximum patient comfort and absolute convenience for your clinical staff, the TC-300 offers a high-compliance option for Safe Patient Handling.


Maximum Load: 400 lbs / 181.5 kg
High Position: 36.5″
Low Position: 21″
Width of Pad: 23″
Maximum Width: 27″


Real Versatility

Real Versatility

Patients never leave the chair as it adapts to departmental needs for exam, treatment, and transport.

Convert to Chair

Convert to Chair

Easy conversion to chair means safe, comfortable patient transfer anywhere in your facility.

Product Numbers

TC-300 Treatment Chair with Blue Pressure Management Mattress: #90700A
Blue Head Rest: #51085A
Upper Side Rails: #50099100A
IV Pole: #50841A
Gynecological Configuration (Pink):
Leg Drop/Stirrup Assembly: #51124A
Padded Arm Cradle Set: #50102700A
Split Mattress (special order): #50772
Pink Head Rest: #51084A
Replacement Parts:
Pink Comfort Mattress: #51519
Blue Pressure Management Mattress: #51524
Buckle Safety Straps (1 set): #50093200
Buckle Safety Straps (2 sets): #51971

Why the TC-300

The TC-300 is a 2-in-1 device – treatment chair and stretcher – that looks and works exactly like the TotaLift. If you don’t require the lateral transfer capacity of the TotaLift, the TC-300 is the perfect alternative. The TC-300 easily adapts to your departmental needs for patient examination, procedures, treatment and transport. One such application is the chair’s leg drop/stirrup assembly used for gynecology exams, doing away with the need for patient’s need to transfer devices.

The TC-300 has an adjustable back, foot, and leg rest accommodating a variety of situational needs. There is also a convenient built-in oxygen tank holder and IV pole storage right on the back of the chair. 

Training and education resources can be quickly accessed by scanning the QR code printed on the TC-300. Tip sheets, videos, and user manuals can all be viewed on a smartphone using any free QR code reader app.

Videos and Literature

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TC-300 Operating
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TC-300 Technical
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